” An unexpected journey “

by miimuska

February, 27

On Sunday evening I left from home to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport where I was supposed to meet my teachers and six other students. We had this comenius project and there was four country including Finland involved this project. The theme of the project was “Water and Earth”.

This time the meeting country was France. So we were ready to go! We flew to Amsterdam, but unfortunately the plane was delayed so in Amsterdam we didn’t have time to change our plane. We slept in Amsterdam and in the morning we flew to the Paris and there to Toulouse. Finally we arrived! In Toulouse we did workshops and tested diffent waters with students from Sweden, Great Britain, France and Bulgaria.

One day we had a daytrip and we went to the Carcassonne ( it’s like an old town). It was really beautiful place and we had spare time there too!.


I had this amazing week in Toulouse with these wonderful people. We made internatiol friends and we had fun, but in the same time we studied. It was a great experience and I will never forget it.

Love, miia

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