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March 13, 2013


by jjooeell97

If all do and be in the same way their it’s very boring. diversity is good thing but if you are kind of like you its wrong. everyone should get to be themselves.

December 13, 2012

A pale dude and his hobo homie from India.

by sampokylmanen

A pale dude and his hobo homie from India.

November 29, 2012

My comic!

by hennaa111

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November 22, 2012


by valtsusworlds

Water is to me a way of life. I use it everyday of my life, my life depends on it. I can`t  imagine how empty my life would be without water. My life would change tragically. I don`t know how to describe the feeling what people for example in Africa have. They can`t use water as much as they want, what is not nice. The politicians have the hardest question, how to use water less and how to exploit it ? That question is not simple but here are my thoughts on it. We all have to use water less in shower, human spends water 50 liters every time you go in to shower and that is way too much. I think that all mankind who have lot of water should donate more water to places where people don`t have that much water.

Hope you enjoy this text!



November 22, 2012

Water & Earth

by miimuska

November 22

What does water mean to me? It’s a very important question. Water is important to our health. We need about two liters of water every single day! We also need to wash up with warm water, because we are used to use warm water. But I think that we should take shorter showers and the same time we save some water.

Water can also produce electricity, it’s called by hydroelectric plant.

What about them who doesn’t have any water? I think that people should send more donations to countries where is a huge shortage of water. They could build a well in their villages that all the residents would get some water.


 We sould be happy that we get clean water!

Love, miia!

September 12, 2012

we took such great photos with my homie today, i thought i’d post some! :)

by sampokylmanen

a rather confusing pic of me & the girls :D

September 5, 2012


by sampokylmanen

Listening to OMNOM, English Club lesson in da computer room….. it’s pretty chill.

Guess i’ll go home soon ’cause i can barely breathe ’cause of my throat ache.

Every breath i take is like Darth Vader speaking, y’know?

But yeah, i think i said what i wanted to say. Or maybe i didn’t even want to post a post like this.

In fact, i didn’t want to post anything much. I just thought i’d make my teacher proud of me.