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May 8, 2013


by argjirabudeci

Hi everybody!

So two weeks ago i was in Sweden Uppsala for a comenius project and it is so fun! I got to see my good friends that i had miss so much, and the trip went amazing!

The town that we went was called Uppsala (population 140 454) and it was Sweden’s fourth largest city it had so many old buildings, bridges and there was this BIG church. There was a little tour of the city and it was bigger than Porvoo. It had so many store and shops   the weather there was good but in some days it  rain.

And there school was big and old  it was the the oldest school in Sweden so that an honor to see it! And each country had to do a presentation from there own country and city.The day in Stockholm was so fun and the places we went to see and the city was so historical and beautiful.  And we we tested the waters, so yeah it was so fun and hope that i will see them again in the future!!! and here some photos. Bye:)



and there is hole group together in skansen, Stockholm. (It was such a warm and funny day)

and here is the Finnish people!!

May 8, 2013

Amazing trip to Uppsala!

by miimuska

So I’m involved in this Comenius project, so we flew to Uppsala to see the others students who are also involved in this project. On 21, April we flew to Uppsala. The flight took only 45 min so it was quite fast 😀 We went to the hostel and then we left to the city tour. There one of the swedish teacher’s husband told us something about Uppsala. It was really interesting and we saw really beautiful cathedral and castle.

Next day we went to school and there we introduced our schools and countries.(Then we just studied). On Tuesday we went to school and we tested diffent kind of waters so we studied again haha 😀 but it was fun!


On Wednesday we had this trip day and we went to Stockholm. There we went to open air museum 😀 after that we just sat in the bus and the guide told us something about Stockholm. And some of us saw Justin Bieber when he were coming out of the gallery! Anyway we ate lunch at the famous Hard rock cafe! It was pretty cool.


On Thursday we studied little again and we had spare time too. Me and my friends Argjira, Sandra, Nicole( and Bailey and Adam they are from England) we went shopping(of course). In the evening we played football 😀

I really had amazing week in Uppsala and I met some really cool people. I miss them so much..

”Sometimes the hardest thing isn’t forgetting, it’s the saying goodbye”