Water & Earth

by miimuska

November 22

What does water mean to me? It’s a very important question. Water is important to our health. We need about two liters of water every single day! We also need to wash up with warm water, because we are used to use warm water. But I think that we should take shorter showers and the same time we save some water.

Water can also produce electricity, it’s called by hydroelectric plant.

What about them who doesn’t have any water? I think that people should send more donations to countries where is a huge shortage of water. They could build a well in their villages that all the residents would get some water.


 We sould be happy that we get clean water!

Love, miia!

5 Comments to “Water & Earth”

  1. Great post Miia! Love it! 😀

  2. Interesting post! Good job!!!

  3. Very interesting. Makes me think about ecology.

  4. I think we should clean the water.

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