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September 19, 2012

Exit-students :d

by ingamau

Well.. in our school, we have to go out on breaks what we have between different lessons. But usually.. no one wants to go out, so in our school we have exit-students. They drive us out, and if we didn’t obey, they put our names to list. And when you have two notes in that list, you get detention. :c .

Exit-students have to wear shirt like this. So that’s how we recognize them. 🙂 If you wanted to be a exit-student, you had to went to exit-education, which took only one break (15 minutes). The meaning of these students is that everybody would go out and get some fresh air. 🙂 But I admit that sometimes it’s annoying to go out if there was cold or not good weather :s

Of course, if it rains, or it’s very cold, we don’t have to go out and we can be indoors 🙂

♥ : Inka