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March 27, 2013

Day of tolerance

by petsku1337

We had a special day in our school about tolerance. We had different tasks to do with our class. We were told about people that can’t live as we do. People can’t go to school because it’s too expensive or even have clean food and water. It’s unbelievable that how much people there are suffering and most of us don’t do anything to help them. We had 2 guests at our school talking about those things. It was a intreresting and instructive day. There are many ways to help families around the poor countries. Donating just a little bit of money will help alot in their country.

March 6, 2013


by petsku1337

Tolerance is a hard subject to talk about. There is so much bad happening around the world. It is important to treat anybody just as good as you would treat yourself. Racism against age group, religion or even against an individual is forbidden, but still people do it. Minority’s experience lots of racism, which is not acceptable. People should learn to live with each other or just simply leave people that they don’t like alone. Racism is not good by any means, it only causes bad things to happen. People should learn to get along with anybody. Skin color, hairstyle or clothes do not matter. We are all equal.

February 27, 2013

Moving on..

by petsku1337

It is time to leave the upper-level school and separate with your friends. You either go to high school, vocational school or business school. It is a hard choice since there is so many schools to choose from. Quite many people choose high school since it’s a good solid choice. High school is for people that are into studying subjects more than doing practical work. Vocational school is also a popular choice because it has a lot of different jobs to learn about, for example. Chef, plumber, vehicle mechanic, hairdresser and process operator. And last but not the least the business school. The business school also has classes for adults which are optional of course. Business school also has lots of different jobs, for example. Salesman, practical nurse and customer service. I am going to go to the vocational school myself. I am fed up with studying all the time so i also want to do work myself.

Portrait of smiling restaurant employees

February 6, 2013

Animal Farm written by George Orwell

by petsku1337

Last week i read a book named ”Animal Farm”. It is a classic book which i had never heard about before. As a Finn it’s not that important to know this particular book. Anyway it is a known book all around the world and also the writer is know from his other books such as ”Nineteen Eighty-Four”. Animal Farm is a excellent book, it’s well written, interesting and easy to read.  As the story goes there is a farm, a manor farm that is owned by a old man that has a very close relationship with alcohol. The animal are fed up with the man and so they take over the farm. The battle was bloody and rough but the animals won it. After the animals have taken over the farm, they re-name it as ”Animal Farm”. At first the animals are all equal, but after some time the old boar decides to take over the farm and be the ruler of the farm. The main goals for all the animals is to live without humans and also build a windmill. The animals get the windmill done a few times, but every time something happens and it collapses, sometimes its the wind that makes it collapse and sometimes it’s the humans fault. The time goes by and the animals get older and older and don’t have the strength to build the windmill anymore. The animals are thinking about having humans to help them for the last days that they have.

November 29, 2012

A Cartoon made by me.

by petsku1337

November 22, 2012

Earth & Water

by petsku1337

Today we discussed about the importance of water. As a Finn water means ice to me, and ice means ice hockey. Here in Finland we have unlimited sources of water, so we’re fine here in Finland. In developing countries they might not have water for daily uses. It’s sad to hear that every child don’t have water to drink. Without water they can’t make food and without food there’s no life. I think every country that can send food and water to developing countries should send at least a little bit, because even a little bit of food and water will help them. And if every country sends even a little bit, all together it would be a lot. People might not know how bad their standard of living is, so they don’t notice it and that’s why people don’t care. I know that some countries do help them but there is still countries that could help them but for some reason they don’t. Helping them is important but they will also have to do something so we wouldn’t have to send them resources for the rest of their lives. For example when we send them water and seeds, they’ll have to grown them and make food on their own. It’s important that they will learn how to survive without any help, because one day we might not be able to send them anything and if they haven’t learned to do anything on their own they’ll be in big troubles. Food and water isn’t the only thing they need. In developing countries there are lots of different diseases, and they don’t have anything to protect themselves from those diseases. That’s why countries send them vaccines for those diseases. It’s hard to try to heal everyone, because the populations are very high. It’s still going to take a long time to make those countries safe and good place to live, but we’re getting there little by little.

October 10, 2012

My home town Porvoo

by petsku1337

My home town Porvoo, is one of the oldest cities in Finland. Porvoo is a pretty small town but in my opinion it has lots of interesting places to visit. Such as the old town.

The old town is full of beautiful old buildings but there’s also old boats and restaurants by the riverside.


There’s also an old fire station that I’m interested in. It was started in 1867 and its the oldest fire station here in Porvoo. It’s still in use and they get around 100 alarms in a year, which is quite a lot for a small fire station like this.

There’s also a small mini-golf course at the end of the riverside. If you like playing golf in a small scale then  go try it.

September 19, 2012

Exit students in our school

by petsku1337

In our school we have these students which are not just any regular students, they’re exit students. Every year teachers choose some students from our school to be exit students. It’s optional, you don’t have to participate in it if you don’t want to. On every break, 2 or 3 students walk around the school and tell people to go outside or they’ll get their names on a list and get detention, because in our school breaks must be spent outdoors, unless its raining. I think teachers came up with this idea because they don’t have time to watch the corridors themselves. I like to spend breaks outside, so they’re not a problem to me, but of course there is some students that would  like to stay inside.

September 12, 2012

Sports in our school

by petsku1337

We have lots of things to do at brake, such as playing football or basketball.

Football is usually more popular than basketball, sometimes it gets so crowded that you probably won’t even get to touch the ball. We have to bring our own footballs and basketballs to the school so if nobody has a football, we’ll play basketball.

September 5, 2012

Sports day

by petsku1337

We had a sports day yesterday ( November 4th, 2012 ). The day started with a moped and bicycle trick track.  Few students took part in it. It was fun to watch and they all did well.  After that we walked and walked for a long time through the forest and over the hills. It was a long walk and just when i felt like i couldn’t go any further we finally arrived to our destination. We had a few tasks to do while we were there, such as rope pulling, darts, quiots and some other traditional games. It was a fun day overall.

August 29, 2012

Made a Twitter for a first time.

by petsku1337

I made a Twitter account today for a first time. Im not really into it, i dont see it very useful. Won’t really use it at home, only at school. My Twitter account is Petskui.