Lesson #4

1. Read your tweets and retweet the most interesting ones and reply @mentions if you have got some.

2. Write a post in our blog. Here are topics to choose from

  • NuVa
  • Exit duty
  • Social Studies
  • (choose one of the links that your teacher has tweeted and write about that topic)

3. Include a photo in your post, maybe one from last week? Remember to add categories and tags into your post.

4. Read what others have posted. Comment, like and rate. Remember to be polite and supportive.

5. Look for the best posts in our blog. Tweet them so that you include the Twitter username of the person who wrote the post e.g. “via @miialilli” and include proper hashtags so that people will find your tweets; #photography #photo if the post has a good photo, #school #education if the post is about school etc…

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