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October 10, 2012

Some random & awesome photos

by sampokylmanen

It was a bit rainy day, although very chill.pretty brown, huh?find me

September 5, 2012

Something about me and twitter

by mardisss

Today I learned how to use twitter and I understood little bit of what is twitter and what I can do there, and I found Adele and Lady Gaga  and I think I will follow them now! My username is Martsu11.

September 5, 2012


by sampokylmanen

Listening to OMNOM, English Club lesson in da computer room….. it’s pretty chill.

Guess i’ll go home soon ’cause i can barely breathe ’cause of my throat ache.

Every breath i take is like Darth Vader speaking, y’know?

But yeah, i think i said what i wanted to say. Or maybe i didn’t even want to post a post like this.

In fact, i didn’t want to post anything much. I just thought i’d make my teacher proud of me.