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February 27, 2013

The daytrip in Toulouse

by valtsusworlds

The day started in a bus. The bus took us to Canal du Midi where the water splits in two directions, one direction goes to the Atlantic ocean and the other goes to Mediterranean sea. The place itself was interesting and beautiful. I learned new things. After Canal du midi the bus took us to a historical castle, La Cité. The castle was in Carcassonne, 90km southeast from Toulouse. The castle was interesting and we had lunch in a little restaurant inside the castle. After lunch we had two hours free time to roam around the castle. We went with my friend to a little candy shop. I bought a lollipop. I ate the lollipop and took a lot of pictures of the castle which was in fact enormous. After the pictures were taken the bus took us back to the hotel in Toulouse.

After all i had a great and exciting day, hope you enjoy this text!


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