Animal Farm written by George Orwell

by petsku1337

Last week i read a book named ”Animal Farm”. It is a classic book which i had never heard about before. As a Finn it’s not that important to know this particular book. Anyway it is a known book all around the world and also the writer is know from his other books such as ”Nineteen Eighty-Four”. Animal Farm is a excellent book, it’s well written, interesting and easy to read.  As the story goes there is a farm, a manor farm that is owned by a old man that has a very close relationship with alcohol. The animal are fed up with the man and so they take over the farm. The battle was bloody and rough but the animals won it. After the animals have taken over the farm, they re-name it as ”Animal Farm”. At first the animals are all equal, but after some time the old boar decides to take over the farm and be the ruler of the farm. The main goals for all the animals is to live without humans and also build a windmill. The animals get the windmill done a few times, but every time something happens and it collapses, sometimes its the wind that makes it collapse and sometimes it’s the humans fault. The time goes by and the animals get older and older and don’t have the strength to build the windmill anymore. The animals are thinking about having humans to help them for the last days that they have.

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