Lesson #3

– Make sure that you have a working Twitter account and WordPress Username. If you don’t, go back to Lesson #1 and follow the instructions there from beginning to end.

– Look at your WordPress post from previous lessons, are you happy with it? Lots of teachers and students from many countries will be looking at your post, try to make it interesting and nice to look at. Use online dictionary, spell check and ask your teacher to help you to correct your sentences. Give tags to your post, otherwise no one will find them. Put your article in a category or categories. If there aren’t any categories that will suit your purpose, ask your teacher to make them.



1. Take photos for your future blog posts. Return to the classroom early enough to transfer the photos from the camera to the computer. Use only cameras that have a wire, you will have to download your photos today at the end of the lesson!

Future topics and themes:

Our school
My favorite subjects
Special events in my school
My future
Jobs and Occupations

Remember you are not allowed to take photos of people unless they say it’s okay. You need to ask for permission also when you publish photos of people. Photos can be uploaded to the Media Library of this blog. Name them so that you find them and others know whose pictures they are so that they won’t use them. We are not going to post photos only, so there will always have to be text along with the picture. Remember that you can also photograph very ordinary objects and landscapes, your friends – or you – don’t need to be in the pictures at all.

2. Write about an interesting topic that you find in the Twitter stream. – Go to your Twitter stream and read what the people  you follow have tweeted. Almost every tweet has a link, open them and read or watch the whole story. You need headphones, because some of the tweets have links to videos. – Pick one of the tweets that is most interesting to you and write a blog post about it in this blog. What new information does it give you? Why is it interesting to you? Would you like to know more about it? Remember, you are not allowed to copy-paste anything. You have to write your own sentences.

3. Find more interesting people to follow on Twitter and retweet their tweets.

4. Edit your user details on Twitter or WordPress. You give upload a photo of you and you can give some information about you there, but be careful! Don’t reveal any important personal details like phone numbers or addresses. There are also crazy people out there who take advantage of people who are not careful. Don’t trust anyone. Don’t answer any personal questions. If someone pays you a compliment, you should thank him/her and show an interest in his/her posts, but don’t engage in conversation about your personal life.

5. Comment on your friends’ posts. Remember to be polite and nice and truly interested in the post. Ask questions.

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