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May 8, 2013


by argjirabudeci

Hi everybody!

So two weeks ago i was in Sweden Uppsala for a comenius project and it is so fun! I got to see my good friends that i had miss so much, and the trip went amazing!

The town that we went was called Uppsala (population 140 454) and it was Sweden’s fourth largest city it had so many old buildings, bridges and there was this BIG church. There was a little tour of the city and it was bigger than Porvoo. It had so many store and shops   the weather there was good but in some days it  rain.

And there school was big and old  it was the the oldest school in Sweden so that an honor to see it! And each country had to do a presentation from there own country and city.The day in Stockholm was so fun and the places we went to see and the city was so historical and beautiful.  And we we tested the waters, so yeah it was so fun and hope that i will see them again in the future!!! and here some photos. Bye:)



and there is hole group together in skansen, Stockholm. (It was such a warm and funny day)

and here is the Finnish people!!

October 10, 2012

Candy shop!

by hennaa111

Last week, we were taking pictures from of our town and we got a lot of good pictures! But here are a few photos from really good candy shop which is in the old town. Shop is called Brunberg , and there are a lot of different chocolates and caramel candies, and they are really good! You can also taste some of the candy in the store!

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October 10, 2012


by jjooeell97

last week, we were taking pictures of Porvoo. I wasn’t there because I was sick, but I have still photos. I have few photos about Porvoo river. Porvoo is old town but there is a lot of new for example new cinema, which is close to the river.

October 10, 2012

The City of “Castle River”

by Jazzy

An ordinary red wooden house. 🙂

Once upon a time, back in 1800’s there was a small city located in Southern Finland. The city was called Castle River. The name of the city is a direct translation of its Swedish name “Borgå”.
The people of Castle River were very ordinary but also very determinate and strong.

They managed together the cold winter nights by holding boiled potatoes inside their robes. They took care of their livestock in their small back yard to survive the cold winters when there was no green food available. But there was bad sides in the summers as well. When the winter was over, it was summer again and there was a bigger risk for their wooden houses to get on fire and burn down the whole town. And that happened very often, but as I mentioned these people were very determinate and they never give up building their homes again and again. So life back then wasn’t so easy…

Nowadays this Castle River is called Porvoo. Porvoo is of course a lot bigger and very much more modern… But once again, these people have been so intelligent that they didn’t destroy the visual parts of the history of this town like many other countries have done to their historical cities. We have a part of Porvoo that is called “Old Porvoo”. And it really takes you back in history but in a typical way. Culture lives forever in the Old Town.
There are many little boutiques that are crowded with people every summer. Kids usually buy ice cream from ice cream stands and just enjoy the warm atmosphere while adults go to the “boring” boutiques. But one thing you should remember is to not leave  the little child alone into the big crowd!!

I took some pictures of the Old Porvoo last week, so here they are! I hope you like them. 🙂

An ice cream stand where I definitely love to buy a chocolate ice cream in hot summer days.

Such a foggy day! 











Yas&Inka 15

Red wooden houses...water...rainy autumn sky... it's definitely PORVOO! :D

Red wooden houses…water…rainy autumn sky… it’s definitely PORVOO! 😀