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September 19, 2012

“Out. NOW!”

by Jazzy

I have a very very lovely school! There are SO many interesting activities for us students to do to make our school more comfy. One very great example of these activities is EXIT -students! I know, sounds weird… but let me explain.

In our school we have to go out for a 15 mins long break after eeevery lesson (exp. after lunch break). And as many might already know, Finland’s weather isn’t the best after summer – less sunlight and more of grey clouds. So nobody wants to go out and get their hair frizzy… simple as that. And there has always been a “war” between we students and teachers under this topic. UNTIL students found a way to “please” teachers and be okay themselves too. That’s why we have a group of students called EXIT -students who make sure we go out between lessons and our dear teachers get to take their coffee break. Great, huh?

Our school got the idea from another junior high school of Porvoo in Student’s Goverment -meetings couple years ago. And then another group of students (called ‘trust’ students) took this mission and developed the idea. And of course, in cooperation with teachers. 😉

There are many good points in being an EXIT-student. But not everybody gets to be one. Because you have to have no detention from latest period.

1) You don’t need to go out when it’s your turn to be control others.

2) You can give detention to those bad girls and boys who break the rules and don’t go out.

3) You get to take your revenge of your class mates who (probably) annoy you sometimes.

4) You get wear a skirt like this:

I recommend this activity for schools alll around the world with break problems. 😀

September 19, 2012

“Exit student”

by argjirabudeci

Hello everyone!

Here in my school Exit duty is a fun way to say to student “OUT NOW”. Exit duty is a student who says everyone to go out in a break.  You put a shirt on and then it is fun!!

The shirt  is an “EXIT” shirt for everyone to know that you are an exit student. But if sometimes the weather is not good if it rains or it’ s cold we can stay indoors:)

On every break 2-4 students will have a list in their hand where they can put the students name in it if they don’t go outside.  And if your name has been in the list 2 times then you get detention. Bad for them!!:)

By: Argjiraa