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May 8, 2013

Amazing trip to Uppsala!

by miimuska

So I’m involved in this Comenius project, so we flew to Uppsala to see the others students who are also involved in this project. On 21, April we flew to Uppsala. The flight took only 45 min so it was quite fast 😀 We went to the hostel and then we left to the city tour. There one of the swedish teacher’s husband told us something about Uppsala. It was really interesting and we saw really beautiful cathedral and castle.

Next day we went to school and there we introduced our schools and countries.(Then we just studied). On Tuesday we went to school and we tested diffent kind of waters so we studied again haha 😀 but it was fun!


On Wednesday we had this trip day and we went to Stockholm. There we went to open air museum 😀 after that we just sat in the bus and the guide told us something about Stockholm. And some of us saw Justin Bieber when he were coming out of the gallery! Anyway we ate lunch at the famous Hard rock cafe! It was pretty cool.


On Thursday we studied little again and we had spare time too. Me and my friends Argjira, Sandra, Nicole( and Bailey and Adam they are from England) we went shopping(of course). In the evening we played football 😀

I really had amazing week in Uppsala and I met some really cool people. I miss them so much..

”Sometimes the hardest thing isn’t forgetting, it’s the saying goodbye”


March 27, 2013

Day of tolerance

by miimuska

Last Thursday we had this special day, day of tolerance. I saw amazing fashion and dance shows! The idea of fashion show was really good. There were clothes from different countries like Russia, Estonia, Thailand and Vietnam. After that one man came here to tell us about how badly things are in poor countries in Africa. It really made me think about how well things are here in Finland. Anyway before the end of the day me and my musical theatre group we showed our play it’s called ”Free your mind” and it tells something about tolerance.

Tolerance hands (1)


Love, Miia

February 27, 2013

” An unexpected journey “

by miimuska

February, 27

On Sunday evening I left from home to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport where I was supposed to meet my teachers and six other students. We had this comenius project and there was four country including Finland involved this project. The theme of the project was “Water and Earth”.

This time the meeting country was France. So we were ready to go! We flew to Amsterdam, but unfortunately the plane was delayed so in Amsterdam we didn’t have time to change our plane. We slept in Amsterdam and in the morning we flew to the Paris and there to Toulouse. Finally we arrived! In Toulouse we did workshops and tested diffent waters with students from Sweden, Great Britain, France and Bulgaria.

One day we had a daytrip and we went to the Carcassonne ( it’s like an old town). It was really beautiful place and we had spare time there too!.


I had this amazing week in Toulouse with these wonderful people. We made internatiol friends and we had fun, but in the same time we studied. It was a great experience and I will never forget it.

Love, miia

November 22, 2012

Water & Earth

by miimuska

November 22

What does water mean to me? It’s a very important question. Water is important to our health. We need about two liters of water every single day! We also need to wash up with warm water, because we are used to use warm water. But I think that we should take shorter showers and the same time we save some water.

Water can also produce electricity, it’s called by hydroelectric plant.

What about them who doesn’t have any water? I think that people should send more donations to countries where is a huge shortage of water. They could build a well in their villages that all the residents would get some water.


 We sould be happy that we get clean water!

Love, miia!

October 10, 2012

” My hometown ”

by miimuska

October 5

So let me tell you something about my hometown, Porvoo.

Porvoo is a small town in south Finland. The population in Porvoo is about 50 000.

We have very nice people here:)

This is a park which is very beautiful place in fall This is a park which is very beautiful place in fall.

 And this is like our ” shopping center ” 😀

I just love this picture! This is a very big industrial area and it’s called by ” Kilpilahti ”

Love, miia

September 19, 2012

Last week

by miimuska

Last week on our english club lesson we took a lot of photos about our school. I worked with miia l. & marika and believe it or not we had fun;)! In our school we have many classrooms and our school yard is very spacious and people like hanging out there.


titankamera2 053

titankamera2 069 Students usually comes in school by moped or microcar:)

Love, miia


September 5, 2012

”Sports Day”

by miimuska

Something about yesterday, Sep 5

So our school had a sports day and all the students and teachers went to kokonniemi. There was some nice games and good food. Actually I was handing out the food and helping the teachers. I ate a lot of bananas, apples and meat pies. It was a nice day with a nice people :)!

Love, miia

August 29, 2012

”Everything goes so fast”

by miimuska


What I learned on twitter today..Hmm I can’t really say anything cause I have already had it before. My twitter username is miimuska. Please do me a favor and fallow me!

Love, miia

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