Lesson #7

Topic: Earth & Water

Log into Popplet . Your teacher has invited you to take part in making a mind map about Earth & Water. You can find the invitation in your email, click to accept.

In the mind map you can see a black box saying ‘Earth & Water’ and ‘What is water used for?’. Make more black boxes around it answering the question. Draw lines in between the boxes to mark the ones that belong together.

You can also see a blue box saying ‘What does it mean to me (as a Finn)?’ Make blue boxes around it anwering the question. Connect boxes with lines.

There is also a red box saying ‘What does it mean to someone who does not have any water’? Answer the question with red boxes and connet them with the other boxes.

Green box contains the question: ‘How can we help those people who do not have any water?’ Answer the question with green boxes and connect them with the other boxes.

The last box with the text ‘Useful links about Earth & Water’ is in orange. Post your links with the same color and connect the boxes with the other boxes in the mind map that you feel are interconnected.

Finally find and attach photos in your boxes.

Your teacher will embed the mind map into this blog.

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