Ours sports day..

by mimiia

Hey all people!  There is Miia and Suvi, now we write this blog together and we tell you about ours sports day in school.

Yesterday we have a sports day in school. We had a day of school from nine to one.  Hmmm..  First of all had to walk a place whose name is Kokonniemi, then we lost. We didn’t like it, becouse we walk to mutch. Everybody has leave, when we are little bit late. Then we call ours teacher and they guide we to go down the beach. Mayby it was little bit fun 😀 Finally we came in Kokonniemi, There was tug of war and ours classes lose.


There was a lot of food! Sausages, meat pie, apples, juices, mustard, ketchup and candies. I liked to food, but Suvi didn’t like.  But the meat pie was little bit dry. Our school had arranged a nice thing, if you took the garbage you got candy. The candy was good.

-suvi ja miiia

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