Taking photos in the city.

by mimiia

we got a cangy to our teacher

Hello everyone !

About a week ago we were taking pictures in our town whit our class. I take pictures to my own camera. First we take a buss to the city, then we walk everywhere and take pictures. I walk with Suvi, Marika and Henna.  We took pictures for about an hour and then we go to the bus stop where the bus took us to the school. I like that trip a lot. I do not know what I should write about this travel, Porvoo is a wonderful city and there are beautiful places. I am glad that I live here.  There really are some great places, as you can see these all images.  You have to see this town! (:

5 Comments to “Taking photos in the city.”

  1. I like your photos! White&Black photos with color details is very interesting idea!(:

  2. Oh, thank you very much! 🙂

  3. Your photos are very cool! You are beautiful girls.

  4. these photos are cool, i really like the fourth picture! It is so colorful!
    Actually, i like these candy (dumle) too! (:

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