“My home town of Porvoo”

by argjirabudeci

This is my home town. Porvoo  is located in the south coast in Finland. The city has a population of 48 970.

The city is bilingual; 64.8 percent of the population is Finnish, Swedish 30.9 percent and 4.3 percent in other languages​​.

These houses are typical of houses in Porvoo and the colour red is too. 

Porvoo is very beuatiful place to visit in the summer and in the winter also. In the summers the sunset is  gorgeus and in the winter the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations are beautiful.


Now it is fall and the nature is beautiful the trees are in colors red, yellow and orange.

I hope that you all enjoy the  photos that i took 🙂


14 Comments to ““My home town of Porvoo””

  1. Thank you for sharing some pictures of Porvoo. The descriptions are beautiful. What a lovely town!

  2. Nice photos!!! You are a good photographer))

  3. Beautiful places!! I want to live here)

  4. oh! how lovely! i really want to go there:)

  5. I really enjoyed this photos,you`re such a nice photographer and your town is beautifull I think.

  6. Very beautiful place

  7. really nice photos! I would like to visit your town! (:

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