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March 27, 2013

Tolerance is a life-skill

by Jazzy

Tolerance is something that everyone should know about. It is respecting, accepting, but first of all it is diversity. And our school is very much teaching us precious life-skills like tolerance. For instance we spent Day of Tolerance on last Thursday (21.3.). It was a five hours long day with plenty of organized programs. The main theme of the day was (of course) tolerance and racism.

Our school is pretty big – approx. 500 students, so it was lots of sweating for the students and teachers who were organizing the day. There was a Racism Path where the student were put into groups to think about everyday-racism that is there but nobody ever notices. As a little helper student on Racism Path, I can tell that the students really were thinking about the little bad things that we can make better. This Racism Path was a great reminder for all of us I think. 🙂

We were also honored to have two special guests to keep speeches; a man from Unicef, and congressman, Jani Toivola, from the parliament. The Unicef presentation was great – sometimes we don’t remember how well things are in Finland.  Little reminders like these make us be more grateful for what we have. 🙂

And I must say that Jani Toivola was just super inspiring with his speech!  That one hour just flew! The audience was going woooh already in the beginning before he even started! I think it was because of the strong contact he made with us. Jani Toivola is not only a congressman but also an actor and very known in Finland. And the funny thing is that he studied in our school back in 90’s. So yay!  ;)))

This lovely day didn’t end there  – there was also a little play that some students were acting in. And the theme was once again, tolerance. So it was a nice and funny thing to end our day.

Happy Schooling! 🙂

March 27, 2013

in our school was day of tolerance

by jjooeell97

In our school was a day of tolerance. We had shorter school day and we don’t need books because we did everything what is not normal. And some important people come
our school and talk about how poor conditions some live. And we have a few presentation which the students had done =D.

March 27, 2013

Day of tolerance in our school! :)

by ingamau

On last week’s Thursday, we had a Day of Tolerance in our school. We didn’t have any normal lesson because we had all kinda of different activities that was arranged to us. We have every year one day like this in our school :). We talked about different cultures and racism. Jani Toivola also kept a speech in our school. He’s a man that almost everyone knows, like a little celebrity and he’s also a member of parliament. The speech was VERY good and he told us about his own experiences about racism, because his skin color is black. There was also a little “fashion show” where was introduced different countries  national costumes. Then we walked around the school and there was games and thing to do which was connected to day of tolerance. The whole day was really nice and it’s good that our school organize things like this! 🙂

March 27, 2013


by mimiia




March 27, 2013

Stop bullying!

by suvisumppu

suvin jees

March 27, 2013

Day of tolerance

by petsku1337

We had a special day in our school about tolerance. We had different tasks to do with our class. We were told about people that can’t live as we do. People can’t go to school because it’s too expensive or even have clean food and water. It’s unbelievable that how much people there are suffering and most of us don’t do anything to help them. We had 2 guests at our school talking about those things. It was a intreresting and instructive day. There are many ways to help families around the poor countries. Donating just a little bit of money will help alot in their country.

March 27, 2013


by sampokylmanen

Our school had a ”Day of Tolerance” last week. For me, it was pretty much just preparing the musical theater show i was a part of. We failed everything lol. 

A political activist and former entrepreneur Jani Toivola visited our school too.

After all it was cool because we had a short and easy day 🙂

March 27, 2013

Day of tolerance

by miimuska

Last Thursday we had this special day, day of tolerance. I saw amazing fashion and dance shows! The idea of fashion show was really good. There were clothes from different countries like Russia, Estonia, Thailand and Vietnam. After that one man came here to tell us about how badly things are in poor countries in Africa. It really made me think about how well things are here in Finland. Anyway before the end of the day me and my musical theatre group we showed our play it’s called ”Free your mind” and it tells something about tolerance.

Tolerance hands (1)


Love, Miia

March 27, 2013

The day of tolerance

by valtsusworlds

We had a great day in school! It was exciting and i would like to have more  days like this. The day started in auditorium were i presented the presentation of my journey in France. I was nervous but i think i did okay job with the presentation. The day continued with a man who told us about Unicef and how we could make the world a better place. After that we had a racism track which was instructive. Then we had lunch and after that we had show performed by the musical Theater course. The day was over after the show.

Thanks for reading!


March 13, 2013


by jjooeell97

If all do and be in the same way their it’s very boring. diversity is good thing but if you are kind of like you its wrong. everyone should get to be themselves.

March 13, 2013

The Story of Love

by sampokylmanen i made this lolImage

March 6, 2013


by petsku1337

Tolerance is a hard subject to talk about. There is so much bad happening around the world. It is important to treat anybody just as good as you would treat yourself. Racism against age group, religion or even against an individual is forbidden, but still people do it. Minority’s experience lots of racism, which is not acceptable. People should learn to live with each other or just simply leave people that they don’t like alone. Racism is not good by any means, it only causes bad things to happen. People should learn to get along with anybody. Skin color, hairstyle or clothes do not matter. We are all equal.

March 6, 2013

My studies after junior high

by sampokylmanen

I’m planning on studying music after upper school. I applied for Sibelius-lukio, which is like a high school in the U.S. but it’s focused on music industry. You can study instruments, composing, music technology, musical theory and stuff like that in there. I sing, play drums, bass and guitar, so that place has so much to offer for me. I also applied for Music Conservatory, which is basically like a vocational school of music. If you get there, you can almost say you will become a musician. Unless you drop out lol. And the inadequacy of actual studying there fascinates me. My school grades have gotten much worse and seriously i am not interested in studying basic subjects anymore.. at all. So the conservatory would be the best choice for me. I don’t know what to do in my life, if not music. That’s kinda bad but super rad haha

March 6, 2013

Winter sports are fun!

by ingamau

Downhill skiing, badminton, skating, floorball, basketball.. Lot’s of fun things to choose for sports day :). We had a sports day before our winter holiday. I chose the badminton. It was fun to just chill and play with friends. Of course I would have liked to downhill ski. Actually we have a ski slope right in the center of Porvoo 🙂 . So it’s easy to just go there because its short way there. Here’s some photos from Kokonniemi.


I think it’s good that our school organize days like this. Good change for studying :). And it was good that there was so many sorts of sport to choose so everybody could pick what they want and that’s how they made the day fun for everyone!

March 1, 2013

Honoring Finland’s National Poet

by Jazzy

February 5th is one of those day’s when Finnish flag is held high and we all recall a great Finnish poet and writer  J.L. (Johan Ludvig) Runeberg and his respected wife (also a writer) Fredrika Runeberg. Back then, around 1800’s Finland was getting more and more independent. And writers’ and artists’ job was a big part of that. Luckily, the wave of romanticism and poetry was all over the world of arts, which made it “easier” for writers and artists to get folks turn to nationalism. Poets, writers and painters started put aside the ugly sufferings caused by war, and highlight the beauty and love of same nationed people had for their fatherland. In the literature they describe how this small nation fought bravely to for their mother language and fatherland. For example Runeberg wrote stories and poems on how beautiful it was that young men (around 15 years) left home to fight and make their people proud. And in most poems beauty is captured by describing the young lovers who got separated by war. I think this way of thinking about war was a pretty clever way of creating great art that captures people’s attention in something else than hatred.

On the latest Runeberg’s day we had the pleasure of having an author guest, Maria Peura, to tell us about writer’s job. We have a creative writing course in our school and the students of the class had listed bunch of questions for Maria Peura. Maybe even too many questions. It was pity that she didn’t get to all the questions,because the time ran out. But I guess it is just a sign that shows how much we all enjoyed that little gig. Time just flew!
Maria Peura is an award-winning author and also a columnist of our city’s local paper. And of course she wrote a piece about us too. You can find the column text here:


Lived: 5. February. 1804 – 6. May 1877

Nationality: Was a Finn but spoke Swedish

Hometown: Porvoo

Professions: a journalist, author, poet and headmaster of the highschool of Porvoo

Family: Had a wife (Fredrika Runeberg, writer) and six sons (who all became artists)

Some of the most famous creations:

Vänrikki Stoolin tarinat (eng. The tales of Ensign Stål)

Finland’s National Anthem (eng. Our Land)

Runeberg’s tart (1st time made by Runeberg’s wife Fredrika).
If you’ll get a chance to eat these, I warmly recommend! DELICIOUS!