Lesson #6

Topic: Work

Group Activities:

1. Fill in five squares in a piece of paper. 1) Your name. 2) What are you good at? 3) What is your favorite food? 4) What was your first dream job? Share with others in the group.

2. Write down jobs on the board. Dreamjobs? Your parents’ jobs?

3. A puzzle about jobs. Write a list of jobs with translations.

4. Jobs pantomime/pictionary.

Written activities:

1. Work with a partner. Pick a profession and write it down on a piece of paper. Jot down pros and cons for that job. At the bottom of the poster write down what you have to been good at if you work in that particular profession.

2. Survey. Write down some popular jobs and take a tour of the school interviewing people which of them is their favorite. You can do the same for the least favorite jobs as well. Make a powerpoint presentation showing the results of your survey. Upload the presentation into Slideshare and embed it in this blog.

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