Earth & Water

by petsku1337

Today we discussed about the importance of water. As a Finn water means ice to me, and ice means ice hockey. Here in Finland we have unlimited sources of water, so we’re fine here in Finland. In developing countries they might not have water for daily uses. It’s sad to hear that every child don’t have water to drink. Without water they can’t make food and without food there’s no life. I think every country that can send food and water to developing countries should send at least a little bit, because even a little bit of food and water will help them. And if every country sends even a little bit, all together it would be a lot. People might not know how bad their standard of living is, so they don’t notice it and that’s why people don’t care. I know that some countries do help them but there is still countries that could help them but for some reason they don’t. Helping them is important but they will also have to do something so we wouldn’t have to send them resources for the rest of their lives. For example when we send them water and seeds, they’ll have to grown them and make food on their own. It’s important that they will learn how to survive without any help, because one day we might not be able to send them anything and if they haven’t learned to do anything on their own they’ll be in big troubles. Food and water isn’t the only thing they need. In developing countries there are lots of different diseases, and they don’t have anything to protect themselves from those diseases. That’s why countries send them vaccines for those diseases. It’s hard to try to heal everyone, because the populations are very high. It’s still going to take a long time to make those countries safe and good place to live, but we’re getting there little by little.

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