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March 27, 2013

Day of tolerance in our school! :)

by ingamau

On last week’s Thursday, we had a Day of Tolerance in our school. We didn’t have any normal lesson because we had all kinda of different activities that was arranged to us. We have every year one day like this in our school :). We talked about different cultures and racism. Jani Toivola also kept a speech in our school. He’s a man that almost everyone knows, like a little celebrity and he’s also a member of parliament. The speech was VERY good and he told us about his own experiences about racism, because his skin color is black. There was also a little “fashion show” where was introduced different countries  national costumes. Then we walked around the school and there was games and thing to do which was connected to day of tolerance. The whole day was really nice and it’s good that our school organize things like this! 🙂

March 6, 2013

Winter sports are fun!

by ingamau

Downhill skiing, badminton, skating, floorball, basketball.. Lot’s of fun things to choose for sports day :). We had a sports day before our winter holiday. I chose the badminton. It was fun to just chill and play with friends. Of course I would have liked to downhill ski. Actually we have a ski slope right in the center of Porvoo 🙂 . So it’s easy to just go there because its short way there. Here’s some photos from Kokonniemi.


I think it’s good that our school organize days like this. Good change for studying :). And it was good that there was so many sorts of sport to choose so everybody could pick what they want and that’s how they made the day fun for everyone!

December 13, 2012

My comic :)

by ingamau


October 10, 2012

♥The Old Porvoo♥

by ingamau

I’m going to tell you about Porvoo. Actually about the Old Porvoo. 🙂 I think the first thing I do, is add one photo to show you, how our old Porvoo looks like.


Porvoo is known from old Porvoo and every summer, thousands of tourists visit in old Porvoo. Lots of tourists come from Japan or Germany. There is so many lovely shops and boutiques in old town and you can buy nice souvenirs from there. Old Porvoo is great place to visit in summer or winter. Christmas time is so nice! Every place is decorated and shops are full of Christmas things and you can really find some nice presents to buy! The houses and buildings in Old Town are very old. Most of them are from 1700’s -1800’s. In summer.. like I earlier said.. it’s full of people! Sometimes you just have to walk with a group. There is nice museums in Old Porvoo which you can visit. Those museums tells about Old Porvoo and its history, which I think is interesting. 🙂


I think Porvoo is nice place to live and worth of seeing 🙂

Have a nice autumn!

♥: Inka

September 19, 2012

Exit-students :d

by ingamau

Well.. in our school, we have to go out on breaks what we have between different lessons. But usually.. no one wants to go out, so in our school we have exit-students. They drive us out, and if we didn’t obey, they put our names to list. And when you have two notes in that list, you get detention. :c .

Exit-students have to wear shirt like this. So that’s how we recognize them. 🙂 If you wanted to be a exit-student, you had to went to exit-education, which took only one break (15 minutes). The meaning of these students is that everybody would go out and get some fresh air. 🙂 But I admit that sometimes it’s annoying to go out if there was cold or not good weather :s

Of course, if it rains, or it’s very cold, we don’t have to go out and we can be indoors 🙂

♥ : Inka

August 29, 2012

Hi! :)

by ingamau

So I created Twitter account! 😀 my username is InkaO_o … Still learning how to use twitter. 😛 But i guess it’s  quite easy. Hmm.. What I have learned today.. not much.. 😀 Just had a little problems with creating the account. I followed some people who I know and some celebrities. But this is my twitter if you want to follow me :

Love♥, Inka