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March 27, 2013


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December 13, 2012

Water comics

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October 10, 2012

Taking photos in the city.

by mimiia

we got a cangy to our teacher

Hello everyone !

About a week ago we were taking pictures in our town whit our class. I take pictures to my own camera. First we take a buss to the city, then we walk everywhere and take pictures. I walk with Suvi, Marika and Henna.  We took pictures for about an hour and then we go to the bus stop where the bus took us to the school. I like that trip a lot. I do not know what I should write about this travel, Porvoo is a wonderful city and there are beautiful places. I am glad that I live here.  There really are some great places, as you can see these all images.  You have to see this town! (:

September 13, 2012

Taking photos in our school.

by mimiia

Hello everybody! Last English Club lesson we took photos of our school. I took photos with my friends Marika and Miia T. I used my phone camera. Next week we will go by bus to center and take a lot of pictures, then I will take my good camera with me. Sometimes I will want to go somewhere little bit farther 🙂

Our school is a big and there are so many class room. Almost everybody at 9th grade come to school by moped or scooter or microcar.  I usually come to school with my friend’s scooter ride.


September 12, 2012

Ours sports day..

by mimiia

Hey all people!  There is Miia and Suvi, now we write this blog together and we tell you about ours sports day in school.

Yesterday we have a sports day in school. We had a day of school from nine to one.  Hmmm..  First of all had to walk a place whose name is Kokonniemi, then we lost. We didn’t like it, becouse we walk to mutch. Everybody has leave, when we are little bit late. Then we call ours teacher and they guide we to go down the beach. Mayby it was little bit fun 😀 Finally we came in Kokonniemi, There was tug of war and ours classes lose.


There was a lot of food! Sausages, meat pie, apples, juices, mustard, ketchup and candies. I liked to food, but Suvi didn’t like.  But the meat pie was little bit dry. Our school had arranged a nice thing, if you took the garbage you got candy. The candy was good.

-suvi ja miiia

September 5, 2012

My twitter..

by mimiia

Hello everybody!

Finally I made twitter, I made it through the school. I’ts seems nice place. As soon as I managed to complete it, I changed the settings and the appearance. Twitter people can see everything that you do. You can disseminate information and share things quickly to people from all over to world. I think that I should use Twitter. I have already shared a couple of things.