Lesson #8

Look at the mindmap we made last week. Write an essay about Earth & Water and publish it in this blog. Visit the links in the orange boxes and find more information about the water problems in the world and what can we do to help those who do not have enough water. There are more ways than just two or three. Sometimes things are not connected directly. You can start your essay by describing what water means to you and what it means to someone who does not have any water. Imagine life without water. Then try to think about the bigger picture. What kind of decisions should politicians make so that everyone would have enough water. This is a difficult question and you need to read articles in the web pages to find answers to this one. But remember: we can’t just say there’s nothing we can do, we have to find answers to this serious problem. Some of your articles might be published in the Comenius magazine that will be made about this topic with four other countries.

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