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March 6, 2013


by petsku1337

Tolerance is a hard subject to talk about. There is so much bad happening around the world. It is important to treat anybody just as good as you would treat yourself. Racism against age group, religion or even against an individual is forbidden, but still people do it. Minority’s experience lots of racism, which is not acceptable. People should learn to live with each other or just simply leave people that they don’t like alone. Racism is not good by any means, it only causes bad things to happen. People should learn to get along with anybody. Skin color, hairstyle or clothes do not matter. We are all equal.

March 6, 2013

My studies after junior high

by sampokylmanen

I’m planning on studying music after upper school. I applied for Sibelius-lukio, which is like a high school in the U.S. but it’s focused on music industry. You can study instruments, composing, music technology, musical theory and stuff like that in there. I sing, play drums, bass and guitar, so that place has so much to offer for me. I also applied for Music Conservatory, which is basically like a vocational school of music. If you get there, you can almost say you will become a musician. Unless you drop out lol. And the inadequacy of actual studying there fascinates me. My school grades have gotten much worse and seriously i am not interested in studying basic subjects anymore.. at all. So the conservatory would be the best choice for me. I don’t know what to do in my life, if not music. That’s kinda bad but super rad haha

March 6, 2013

Winter sports are fun!

by ingamau

Downhill skiing, badminton, skating, floorball, basketball.. Lot’s of fun things to choose for sports day :). We had a sports day before our winter holiday. I chose the badminton. It was fun to just chill and play with friends. Of course I would have liked to downhill ski. Actually we have a ski slope right in the center of Porvoo 🙂 . So it’s easy to just go there because its short way there. Here’s some photos from Kokonniemi.


I think it’s good that our school organize days like this. Good change for studying :). And it was good that there was so many sorts of sport to choose so everybody could pick what they want and that’s how they made the day fun for everyone!