♥The Old Porvoo♥

by ingamau

I’m going to tell you about Porvoo. Actually about the Old Porvoo. 🙂 I think the first thing I do, is add one photo to show you, how our old Porvoo looks like.


Porvoo is known from old Porvoo and every summer, thousands of tourists visit in old Porvoo. Lots of tourists come from Japan or Germany. There is so many lovely shops and boutiques in old town and you can buy nice souvenirs from there. Old Porvoo is great place to visit in summer or winter. Christmas time is so nice! Every place is decorated and shops are full of Christmas things and you can really find some nice presents to buy! The houses and buildings in Old Town are very old. Most of them are from 1700’s -1800’s. In summer.. like I earlier said.. it’s full of people! Sometimes you just have to walk with a group. There is nice museums in Old Porvoo which you can visit. Those museums tells about Old Porvoo and its history, which I think is interesting. 🙂


I think Porvoo is nice place to live and worth of seeing 🙂

Have a nice autumn!

♥: Inka

5 Comments to “♥The Old Porvoo♥”

  1. Your photos is very beautiful! I haven`t heard about Porvoo, but I read your post and I really want to visit this fantastic city. What model of camera did you use?:)

  2. Your photos gave me an inspiration!:) And I created the photoblog about my city:)) If interested http://photoufa.wordpress.com/

  3. Very good post, I like it very much! I think your old houses are somehing similar to ours Russian old houses:) and your photos, as it written by my friend amalia18 are wonderful!

  4. Those are some great photos. Nice work.

  5. Wonderful city. I would like to go there

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