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September 12, 2012

The Miracle of the Fall

by Jazzy

This summer has gone by so FAST! Tomorrow we’ll get to do our first exam of the year >>> math’s exam. I still recall the hot summer days by the beach or the warm summer nights enjoying the sunset by the waterfront. Ahhh… Why are summer vacations so short in Finland? I’m already kinda feeling like I need more of vacation.

But it is always fun to move into the colors of the fall. Finnish fall is so beautiful specially for its sunrises. Sun rises pretty late here compared to other countries. But it doesn’t bother me because I get to enjoy my walk to school. And the other good thing about fall is that nights here aren’t like tea time in other Southern countries. Fall is probably the only season that is totally balanced. I just L-L-L-Love ittt!  In my listings, spring has the 2nd place instead of 1st because it’s  much like summer.
But Fall is different. Fall is unique. In Fall everything living gets ready to go to sleep. But still all the fantastic colors keep reminding us of the love and warmth we’ve received from the nature.
All the orange, red, yellow, brown colors in the trees are a message for us humans.

“It’s time for us to rest. But don’t be sorry. For it’s time for joy. We’ll be back even sooner that you think. And we will be younger, greener and fresher. We are just like Phoenix. The only difference is that we reborn with cold, And Phoenixes with fire.
‘Til the next spring, Take care. “

September 12, 2012


by argjirabudeci


I think that  twitter is an AWESOME place to follow people and our favorite celebrities and retweet them!!!

Twitter was it was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey. The logo is an signature bird.

September 12, 2012

sport in our school

by jjooeell97

Our school has a lot of opportunities for physical activity. such as football basketball. but no one  plays basketball.

September 12, 2012

Sports in our school

by petsku1337

We have lots of things to do at brake, such as playing football or basketball.

Football is usually more popular than basketball, sometimes it gets so crowded that you probably won’t even get to touch the ball. We have to bring our own footballs and basketballs to the school so if nobody has a football, we’ll play basketball.

September 12, 2012

Ours sports day..

by mimiia

Hey all people!  There is Miia and Suvi, now we write this blog together and we tell you about ours sports day in school.

Yesterday we have a sports day in school. We had a day of school from nine to one.  Hmmm..  First of all had to walk a place whose name is Kokonniemi, then we lost. We didn’t like it, becouse we walk to mutch. Everybody has leave, when we are little bit late. Then we call ours teacher and they guide we to go down the beach. Mayby it was little bit fun 😀 Finally we came in Kokonniemi, There was tug of war and ours classes lose.


There was a lot of food! Sausages, meat pie, apples, juices, mustard, ketchup and candies. I liked to food, but Suvi didn’t like.  But the meat pie was little bit dry. Our school had arranged a nice thing, if you took the garbage you got candy. The candy was good.

-suvi ja miiia

September 12, 2012

Great photoday with my grazy homie!

by valtsusworlds



Great photo taken by my homie in the greatest lesson of the year! I hope we have more of these lessons 🙂

September 12, 2012

we took such great photos with my homie today, i thought i’d post some! :)

by sampokylmanen

a rather confusing pic of me & the girls :D