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August 29, 2012

Hi! :)

by ingamau

So I created Twitter account! 😀 my username is InkaO_o … Still learning how to use twitter. 😛 But i guess it’s  quite easy. Hmm.. What I have learned today.. not much.. 😀 Just had a little problems with creating the account. I followed some people who I know and some celebrities. But this is my twitter if you want to follow me :

Love♥, Inka

August 29, 2012

”Everything goes so fast”

by miimuska


What I learned on twitter today..Hmm I can’t really say anything cause I have already had it before. My twitter username is miimuska. Please do me a favor and fallow me!

Love, miia

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August 29, 2012

Made a Twitter for a first time.

by petsku1337

I made a Twitter account today for a first time. Im not really into it, i dont see it very useful. Won’t really use it at home, only at school. My Twitter account is Petskui.

August 29, 2012

Learning while Social Networking!

by Jazzy

Hello everyone!

I’m Yasaman, a nine grader student writing from Finland. Today the members of English Club 9, including me, signed up to social network Twitter. The idea is supporting language learning, without the boring paper work. In this case we are learning English.
To me, SOUNDS GREAT! And I think it also sounds great to the other student in this group.

I was already joined, but I made a new account for school. If you’re interested, you can follow me on @JazzySunny_

Have a great day! 🙂

August 29, 2012


by sampokylmanen


August 29, 2012


by valtsusworlds

I learned in twitter today that twitter is amazing place to tweet, see interesting people and follow your friends or unknown friends posts. Have a nice day!